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These air duct cleaning tips have been proven effective by many homeowners. Follow them and you won’t regret you did.

  • Check the visible components of the HVAC system for mold

    If there is mold on the outside, it will most likely be present inside as well. A thorough inspection will reveal the size and cause of the problem. Mold should be removed without delay. The next step involves taking measures for the prevention of future growth. Generally, if there is no moisture on the surface, the risk of mold will be minimal.

  • Close the Windows When HVAC is running

    Whenever the HVAC unit is running, especially at full blast, see to it that the windows of your house are closed. If they are left open, the adjustment of temperature slows down drastically and the HVAC unit is put under a lot of work, leading to bigger chances of it breaking down.

  • Protect all air ducts during house maintenance and repair work

    Dust and dirt produced during the project can easily get into the HVAC system and get circulated over and over again. That is why you need to cover all entry and exit points with material which will not let any debris inside.

  • Make your home a clean place

    Air duct cleaning is the best way to ensure good indoor air quality. Air ducts get dirty over the years and since they are not visible, they are not cleaned often. The over-concentration of mold, microorganisms and dirt will be transferred to your house and contaminate the air.

  • Examine the joints of the ducts

    It's important to check the condition of the air ducts and determine whether you need air duct repair or not. If they are not connected and sealed properly or have small holes, the HVAC unit won't work efficiently and ducts will get dirty sooner.

  • Regular Air Duct Cleaning

    Having your air ducts cleaned is important as mold and dirt may start to accumulate over time. This can affect the efficiency of your heating or cooling system making it difficult to cool or warm the house. According to Air Duct Cleaning Aliso Viejo experts, air ducts should be cleaned by professionals at least every three to five years or more if needed.

  • Disinfecting Air Ducts

    When having your air ducts cleaned; Air Duct Cleaning Aliso Viejo experts recommend having them disinfected in order to remove germs sticking on the air ducts that cannot be removed by simple vacuuming. Make sure that the cleaning substance used is safe and effective for your air ducts. Applying air duct sealant is also suggested as this can help prevent moisture, which causes molds to grow. 

  • Replacing Air Duct Filter

    The filter on your air duct is very much needed as it traps dirt and particles that may clog your air ducts. But the filter itself can get clogged with dirt after a while. If this happens, you need to have it replaced. You can replace air duct filter by removing its cover, removing the old filter, placing the new filter and putting back the cover. 

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